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We have several basic levels of staff at The Ozone. Of course you’ll be free to pick your own job title when you’re hired if you don’t like one of the ones we provide. Click on the titles below to get a more detailed description and access our employment application.

an Ozone coach with a pad


Do you love being directly involved with the kids?

As with the Guru of Games and Activity, a translation may help here. A grownup is as much of an attitude as well as a seasoning through experience. Even though this group of people may have some years under their belt, they are still young at heart.

Energy, excitement, engagement and a search for everlasting fun are important in this role. But so is the ability and desire to relate to children in the middle school years.

Future Growth Engineers

Already completed high school but haven't gotten your college degree yet?

Ok, so as you’d expect most people in this group are young and looking to make a career, so we figure important sounding titles mean a lot to them. They really are very similar to our grownups, maybe just not as much experience (yet). Bring the energy, bring the love of working with this age group, just plain bring it!

The Siblings

Still working towards that high school degree?

Maybe you’re an older brother or sister who is in high school and just starting to enter the work world. Perhaps you're involved in the education program at school, or perhaps you’re looking for something more rewarding than working at the local hamburger place (don’t knock it, I had that job once). If you have a strong desire to mentor and lead the “tweenagers” through their upcoming adventures and experiences, then this job is probably for you.

The Hired Help

Do you possess a unique skill and want to teach others?

These contractor positions will be used to provide specific instruction. If you are a qualified tutor, teach music lessons, a martial arts or dance instructor, or perhaps you excel at coaching kids in a sport, then this is your role then. While not officially a working position at The Ozone, these carpet baggers (just kidding, we’re just jealous you have a skill we don’t) will be treated with the same love and excitement at the place.

Your pay will be based on the type and number of lessons you provide, as you work as an independent contractor for us.

Some things that might be helpful to know…

All positions will require a Virginia State Police background check. Anyone convicted of a crime against children will not be allowed to work at the facility. A complete list of barrier crimes can be found at

References will be checked. Please be prepared to provide three.

Our basic hours of operation are M-F from 3:00pm – 7pm.

Staff will be expected to attend orientation training and periodic in-service training.

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