Our People...

...make all the difference in the world! Our staff are fun, energetic, and trained to help guide each middle school kid through the day, week, month, and year. See below to learn more about each one.


Pat O'Reilly - Our Leader

Pat O'Reilly

Eight years experience working at a YMCA camp got Mr. O started in this field. He also holds a teaching certificate for K-12, and has spent the better part of the past 10 years working with kids in various youth sports.

Mr. O’Reilly brings many skills and years of experience to the Ozone. His career working with youngsters started when he was 16 years old, as a camp counselor at the Hackensack, NJ YMCA. Eight years later, after progressing up to the assistant director position, he knew that this was what he was meant to do. Receiving his teaching certificate after graduating from Rutgers University, he taught high school and middle school mathematics for 3 years.

Always missing the direct connection with the kids, Mr. O’Reilly has spent years of participating in leadership roles within youth athletics in Hanover County. His Roller Hockey team has won consecutive National Championships for their age group, and he continues to help out the Richmond Royals Ice Hockey organization as an assistant coach. Prior to that, he served as a league Commissioner in the Central Virginia Youth Roller Hockey League and as a Director in Atlee Baseball/Softball Organization.

When asked why he does all this, his answer is simple. “I understand the challenges in this age group very well. They want a voice and a choice, but they need guidance as well. Nothing frustrates these kids more than when they don’t get both of these. But when they do, boy, amazing things can happen.” With the desire to work with kids and adults helping them first reach and then exceed their goals, Mr. O’Reilly truly lives his passion.


Nancy O'Reilly - Principle

An energetic and caring mother of 3, Nancy has been very active with the schools as her children have progressed. Whether helping out in the classroom, volunteering during Fall Festivals or helping coordinate the 5th Grade Graduation, “Mom” was always there for the kids.

As they grew older and more independent, Nancy went back to school to pursue her degree in Nursing. After graduating, she has been working in the Pediatric Floor at St. Mary’s Hospital since 2008. Ms. O’Reilly has many years working with organizations focused on serving young people.

Her background includes working in the development offices for “The Door”, a non-profit organization located in New York City helping underprivileged kids. She also spent part of her career at the Science Museum of Virginia in a similar role. Prior to settling in as an “at home” Mom, she worked for Randolph Macon College raising money to support building out the Brock Rec Center.