Time to Register for Summer Camp....YEAH!


1. Register Online:  Let us know you want a spot!  Start by clicking the Camper Registration link below.

2.  Pay:  A single deposit will lock your spot for all your sessions.  An $100 deposit locks all your full-day weeks, a $50 deposit locks your spot for all mini-camps.  Full payment for a session is due by the first day of that camp. 

Mail or deliver payment to

                      The Ozone
                      11169 Air Park Rd.                            
                      Ashland, VA. 23005

OR Pay Online After You Register

3. Sit back and wait for the Fun:  We can't make school end any sooner, but like you we are excited about our Best Summer Camp ever.  If you can't wait, feel free to drop in for a Friday Night Fun (middle schoolers only) to enjoy some time in the Ozone.

NOTE:  Certain mini camps will require additional fees.  See registration form for details.  Reservations are a quick way to hold a spot, your spot isn't guaranteed though until we receive your registration form and deposit payment.  If you reserve a spot in a camp session, and it starts to fill up, we will contact you so you're not left out. 

We're looking forward to a great summer camp.  Thanks for your interest and your support of our programs.

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